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, when some pets die in a comfortable home in their later years, many other pets will get sick, injured or their quality of life will decline significantly with age. In this case, it may be necessary to consider euthanasia of your animal to avoid great pain. As a master, this decision may be the most difficult to make, but sometimes it is the only solution to end your faithful partner’s pain, and his death is inevitable.


why should dogs be euthanized? When is a good time to euthanize his dog? How is animal euthanasia carried out? Should you be with your dog during euthanasia? How much does it cost to euthanize a dog? What is the solution after euthanasia? Why should dogs be euthanized?

euthanasia is a last resort and should be used only when all other options have been exhausted. If your dog suffers from incurable diseases such as cancer, which affects its ability, so that it can no longer live as before, or your dog is very old, unconscious and painful every moment, So euthanasia may be his final choice to leave with dignity. Please note that no matter what the veterinarian says, the owner has the right to decide whether to euthanize the dog, except in two cases:


dogs pose a danger to others: a very aggressive or violent dog may be euthanized, If the dog poses a danger to the family, it is up to the court to decide in the attack case or the owner to decide. In both cases, a behavioral analysis of the dog will be conducted to ensure the correctness of the procedure.

shelters are overcrowded: if shelters such as Spa refuse to carry out euthanasia, Unfortunately, if no association can accept abandoned dogs, the fur farm may decide to stab them. If you think your dog is suffering, its disease is too late, and you want to end it with love and pain, you should discuss euthanasia with your veterinarian. He can give you advice and suggestions, but the final decision is up to you. When will

euthanize his dog?

your veterinarian is the most qualified person to guide you through this difficult process. In most cases, he / she can definitely tell you whether to euthanize your pet, and will only make this choice if he / she is sure that there is no other choice, but sometimes it is difficult to make up his / her mind to make such a decision. Then you must base your observations on animal behavior and attitudes. Here are some signs that your dog is suffering and no longer enjoys enough quality of life to live a normal life:

it feels a chronic pain that cannot be alleviated by large doses of drugs (veterinary examination can help you determine whether your dog is suffering). He lost interest in his favorite activities, such as walking, playing with children or other animals, hospitality, family care and caress. He can’t stand alone or fall when trying to walk. He often vomits or diarrhea, resulting in dehydration and significant weight loss. He was incontinent and didn’t even move to meet his needs. He doesn’t eat anymore, or unless you force him to eat. He has difficulty breathing or coughing.Chronicles, every moment is a test. How is animal euthanasia carried out?

decides to say goodbye to your beloved pet is a kind of pressure. If you don’t know what will happen in the process of euthanasia, your anxiety will often increase.

your veterinarian will usually explain the process to you before starting euthanasia. Please feel free to seek further explanation or clarification if necessary.

euthanasia is a very strict medical procedure. Once the decision is made, veterinarian:

receives woopets’ suggestions through the registration newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our business news and offers. For more information, if possible, put the dog on the examination table and put it in a proper place for safety so that it won’t get hurt in panic. Then the first injection of anesthetic, let the dog sleep peacefully. The second injection, this excessive anesthetic will stop all life functions of the animal. After about 10 minutes, the veterinarian checks the vital signs. If the animal does not die, it can be injected again. The process of

will not bring any pain to your dog. Sometimes you can hear the gasp of a dead dog; It’s just the air exhaled from the lungs. The nerves will also contract for a period of time, and the eyes may not be completely closed. He may urinate or defecate. These are unconscious reflex behaviors after death, which are not painful, but may be disturbing.


another procedure is to take barbiturates after general anesthesia. Some owners think this is a more acceptable solution because the dog is asleep.

euthanasia can also be carried out remotely through a catheter, leaving you alone at the last moment of the dog.

Some veterinarians will also go to your house to euthanize your dog. If your dog finds it stressful to go to the clinic or veterinarian, or you want the whole family to say goodbye to your partner, this may be the best. Should you be with your dog during euthanasia?

before surgery, most veterinarians will invite you into the examination room, and then let you stay alone for a few minutes, say what you mean, or just hold your dog. When the vet comes in, he will ask you if you want to have an operation. This is a personal decision and will not be imposed on you under any circumstances. However, many veterinarians encourage the owner to stay with his dog at the last minute. First, sharing this last moment with your dog will make you more sad. In addition, your presence may calm your dog down. If he is alone with the veterinarian, he may panic. This may be your dog’s last emotion.

how much does a dog euthanasia cost? The price of

may vary depending on the price charged by your veterinarian and the weight of the animal, usually between 30 euros and 110 euros. In addition to intervention costs, it also includes the cost of burying or cremating animals, ranging from € 40 for public pit burial to € 300 for private cremation Please note that some pet SocietiesBear all or part of the expenses.

no matter which option you choose, please feel free to discuss with your veterinarian, who will be able to give you needles in the difficult times you experience as a host. “What is the solution after euthanasia of”


usually, the simplest option is to cremate your dog. Some companies, such as esthima, can go through formalities with your veterinarian, make cremation agreements, and transport your animals to the crematorium. Then you can choose the type of ceremony you want for your partner. Esthima has 15 crematoria and funeral homes all over France, providing 3 cremation services (plural, reference and private), paying tribute to your dog for the last time in a way you think fair

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