Association rescues 26 dogs destined for the meat trade in China

A new group of 26 dogs has arrived in the United States via Canada. Canines from China, where they risked being slaughtered for their meat. This rescue comes a few weeks before the infamous Yulin Festival.

She and her team have kept their promise, as 26 other dogs have just set foot on North American soil from China, as reported by Northwest Asian Weekly this Thursday, June 10.

Transported by plane, the animals landed in Vancouver , Canada, before continuing their journey to Seattle , in the northwestern United States. They must then join their new families and thus start their new life, far from the Chinese slaughterhouses.

This is what the volunteers of China Rescue Dogs have been working since the summer of 2019; save as many dogs as possible for the dog meat market in China, then bring them to the United States where they are adopted. In 2 years, more than 600 animals have had this chance thanks to the organization founded by Jill Stewart .

The latter had decided to embark on the adventure after adopting Meeso , a Golden Retriever with a disability. He wandered the Chinese streets before being taken in by monks, thanks to which he no longer risked being shot to supply the dog meat market.

Saved a few weeks before Yulin

Moreover, thousands of them are sacrificed on the occasion of the “ Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival ”, celebrated on June 21 and 22.

China Rescue Dogs has therefore been one of the organizations fighting against this practice for years. To continue its action, which is very costly, it relies on donations and appeals for the generosity of the public.

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