18 hilarious photos of animals caught in the act of clumsiness

Our pets are not always what you might call the embodiment of skill. These photos are there to prove it.

Every day, cats and dogs do their share of silly things. When something arouses their curiosity, they are usually clumsy and find themselves in very funny situations.

Here are 18 photos of cats and dogs having been particularly clumsy.

1. This cat dived into the pot of samurai sauce. Now he’s got it all over his face

2. This Dachshund dog crossed the river jumping on all the small rocks without checking if they continued to the other side.

3. She got on the picket line after doing something stupid and now she is taking her nap

4. This Jack Russell Terrier just realized that he shouldn’t have been chasing the ball

5. A black cat covered in marshmallow

6. He wanted to explore his owner’s boots but can’t get out of them anymore

7. This Shetland Shepherd proves that he does not take up too much space on the sofa

8. He would like his owner to stop taking a picture of him and instead help him lift the spoon from his mouth.

9. He’s stuck on the tree and obviously regrets it

10. His family had just taken the veterinary cone off him when, immediately afterwards, he fell on it and tucked his head in, but upside down.

11. He thinks he is well positioned on the swing and no longer waits for someone to push him

12. No one saw how this dog got the stick in his collar, but he did.

13. When he is caught red-handed destroying pillows, his ears become invisible

14. He often stuck his bowl in the link of his collar

15. When he gets caught, he gives his owner a distressed look.

16. This is an English Springer who got too close to the chocolate fountain.

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17. An unusual situation which denotes a sense of adventure that is a little too deep

18. This cat has nothing to do with the fact that his kibbles are overturned, but he can not help believing himself to be guilty, because it is in his habits to be clumsy.


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