A seizure of 10 dogs suspected stolen during a police raid

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Police in Sussex, in the south of England, rescued 10 dogs that were probably stolen, from a thirty-year-old. The investigation continues to find their possible owners, in a country where pet abductions are increasing dramatically.” Crawley Police and a unit in Sussex specialising in rural criminal cases have raided a property in Surrey, where investigators discovered 10 dogs possibly stolen, the BBC reported on Thursday (18 March).

The intervention took place on Tuesday and led to the arrest of a 30-year-old woman, suspected of holding canids stolen from their owners. Animals that have been examined by veterinarians, while the police are working to find their masters, if the thesis of theft is proven.” “We are assessing the medical and welfare needs of the dogs we have recovered and we now need to undertake extensive work to identify them and determine if they have been reported as stolen,” says Steve Biglands, Chief Inspector of the Sussex Rural Crime Team.

” The resurgence of dog theft is still as worrying in Britain

Quadrupeds are of various breeds (Pug, French Bulldog, English Bulldog …) and very popular, which makes them prime targets for kidnappers who hope to either resell them or use them for breeding.”

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In the United Kingdom, there has been a 250% increase in pet theft since the beginning of the health crisis. A worrying trend for both teachers and authorities, and which is favored by the increase in demand. More and more people want a dog or a cat to better live the periods of confinement and because they find themselves with more free time.” a week before the police operation in Surrey, law enforcement had rescued 6 other dogs stolen during a burglary in Staplehurst in the neighbouring county of Kent.”

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