Croquetteland is mobilizing to help pet owners to provide them with a gentle deconfinement

The Lyonnais premium e-merchant for pets, concerned about animal welfare, launches actions in partnership with more than 70 associations every year. This helps raise funds and help animals in distress. 20 years after its creation, the company has set up other operations, including “Confined and mobilized”. The issue of deconfinement is also part of the agenda.

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Today, the team continues to act for the well-being of our 4-legged companions in a period of deconfinement . To do this, Croquetteland asked 2 experts to share their advice on how to experience this stage smoothly .

The well-being of the cat in a period of deconfinement

Marion Ruffié , feline behaviorist, explains that the cat must find its inner balance , alone. Either the animal appreciated the constant presence of its owners, or, on the contrary, it did not experience this proximity.

  • for people working from home, for example, not to pet your cat all the time , especially when he has chosen to stay in another room, but also not to systematically respond to all his requests so as not to make him entirely dependent on his owners;
  • not to mark departures and arrivals . Trying to reassure him could increase his stress ;
  • to offer him a stimulating environment , so that he exercises his instincts. It is necessary for the cat to have something to take care of without having to claim the attention of its owners.

The well-being of the dog in a period of deconfinement

To best help her everyday companion, the specialist recommends:

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  • to follow a stable routine ;
  • to help his dog to get enough energy every day, through walks, games or scent activities.

Thanks to the advice of experts and its passion for animals, Croquetteland gives all the keys in hand to the owners of cats and dogs to live this deconfinement in the best possible conditions. </p

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