12 dogs have the sign of “Beware of dogs”, which makes people feel that everything is the opposite

Signs indicating the presence of ferocious dogs don’t always mean the truth. These photos show how the dogs in question are sometimes very welcoming.

Here are 12 photos of dogs that are not at all fierce, contrary to what is stated on the sign.

1. We must indeed pay attention to the dog, because he is old and needs special attention in order to live well in his old age.

2. Far from what is shown on the sign, the dog in question is a big baby German Shepherd dog who asks only to be cuddled and to play.

3. Thanks to its veterinary cone, the dog will not let anyone set foot in this private property.

5. The dog’s attention is so riveted on his guard post that even a fly could not enter the garden.

6. Such a lazy dog should be taken very seriously.

7. Dachshunds are formidable. Beware of those who dare to approach the private properties of which they are the guardians

8. For optimal protection, consider adopting 2 Miniature Spitz dogs.

9. The sign indicates the presence of a dog, without specifying its breed or age. In this case, it is a puppy who intends to become a good guard when he is older.

10. It is asked to pay attention to the dog, that is to say that it is necessary to give him affection, to make him caresses and finally to give him treats. Without forgetting to play with him for hours

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11. A dog at his post is a dog who does not joke

12. There is no doubt that it should be given its full attention. Especially since he asks nicely and politely through this little message that he holds in his mouth.


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