Injured and terrified, this bitch discovered in a gutter tastes happiness for the first time

From a bitch stuck in a gutter, injured and unable to stand on her feet, Chickpea has become a happy and healthy animal thanks to the Indian association which brought her help.

In a street in India, locals discovered a stray dog in great distress and called for help. As reported by Animal Channel , the canine got stuck in a gutter that ran at the foot of the houses.

The poor bitch couldn’t move. The soiled water was streaming under her abdomen and she kept shivering. No one knew how she got into such a posture, but her ordeal was coming to an end. The residents have, in fact, alerted the local association, Animal Aid Unlimited , based in Udaipur in Rajasthan (West India).

Animal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

After reassuring her by stroking her, the volunteers slowly pulled her out of the gutter, being careful not to hurt her. They discovered that she had several injuries and was extremely weak.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

They then took her to the shelter, where they found that she was breathing too fast as she was in shock. The dog was put on a drip and by the next morning she seemed to be doing a little better.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

A barely believable transformation

The association’s veterinarians were able to carry out a complete examination. Fortunately, she did not have a fracture, but her wounds needed to be cleaned and treated. In addition, she could not stand on her legs, nor feed herself.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

An extraordinary rescue and transformation, which we can discover through the video below …

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