Saved from the cold, this dog warmly thanks his savior, member of an association!

In Illinois , a small dog under 5 kg was recently abandoned by its owners, with a simple crate and straw. Before it was too late, shelter staff intervened and brought him back to their premises. This couldn’t make a happy dog more happy than ever!

Giving up your dog is not always an act that you do with joy. But, in this specific case, we bring the animal back to a place where it will be fed, where it can be pampered while waiting to find a new home. In Effingham County , Llinois , the owners of Roscoe did not have this class.

They preferred to abandon him with the sole comfort of a crate and a piece of straw . What’s more, they walked past him once a week to throw food at him . Roscoe’s days were numbered. The more so as the cold and the snow began to fall in the American state.

An immeasurable joy manifested by the doggie

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