Clean his dog’s eyes

Illustration : "Nettoyer les yeux de son chien"

cleaning the dog’s eyes is a very important gesture. It helps to keep these highly sensitive organs clean and prevent various eye diseases. When cleaning properly, use the right product and the right frequency to keep the dog’s eyes healthy.


what product does the preventive gesture use? How to clean her eyes?

all dogs must keep good hygiene, especially eyes. Check every day and clean regularly. If this is not done on some dogs every day, it should be done on other dogs with particularly sensitive eyes every morning. Let’s see how to effectively clean the dog’s eyes.

is a preventive gesture.

should check the dog’s eyes every morning to see if there may be residual tears and debris. Regular inspection and cleaning can help prevent eye diseases and keep eyes clean and healthy. Especially those puppies whose lacrimal passages are often blocked and whose eyes are spherical: Pekingese, Chihuahua, Carlin, French Bulldog…

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, you can also see a variety of wrinkled dogs, such as Zhou Zhou, Shapi and English Bulldog. The same applies to long haired breeds such as longtail, cocker and Bichon. In all these types of dogs, eye maintenance must be routine.

eyes are quite sensitive and there are several diseases waiting for them, such as conjunctivitis, cataract and glaucoma. Regular eye cleaning can detect early symptoms of eye diseases and take prompt action to take the dog to the veterinarian for appropriate treatment. What products does


is different from ear care. Cotton should not be used for eye cleaning. The latter may leave traces on and around the eyes. Instead, compression should be used for efficiency and security. In terms of the products used, you can use dog specific eye preservatives or physiological serum. How does

clean your eyes?

should only clean eyes when secretions are found. If your eyes are clear, moist and bright, it’s useless. In order to thoroughly clean the dog’s eyes, you must first tilt your head back slightly, and then remove the upper eyelids before pouring 2 to 3 drops of detergent.

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, Wipe the eyes from the inside out (towards the temples). Dry and hardened tear residues must be carefully removed. If a dog has an eye infection (e.g. conjunctivitis), it must be cleaned before using treatment (eye drops or other) to make the treatment really effective.

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