A dog lost in the mountains for 2 weeks miraculously survives and finds its owners thanks to a couple of doctors

Neesha’s family had been waiting for her return for 2 weeks. The dog had strayed into the mountains, but was found last weekend by a couple of hikers.

Harley, a German Shepherd, and Neesha, a Golden Retriever bitch 8 years, accompanied their masters during a walk in the mountainous region of Wicklow in the East of Ireland, when the 2 canines have escaped their monitoring . They set off in pursuit of a deer and disappeared , reports RTE .

If Harley managed to find her way home the next day, Neesha was nowhere to be found . Her family were very worried and wondered if she was going to be able to survive in such difficult conditions.

Found by doctors on a hike

2 weeks have passed since the animal’s disappearance, until last Saturday (February 6). On that day, Jean-François Bonnet and Ciara Nolan , both doctors, were hiking Lugnaquilla Mountain in County Wicklow, when they saw a dog frozen with cold and extremely weak . She didn’t even have the strength to bark anymore.

The couple dressed her in a coat to warm her , gave her food , then Jean-François Bonnet wore it throughout the descent.

At home, they continued to take care of her and called an association , which started looking for her owners.

The latter, the Goetelen , were contacted to learn the wonderful news. Neesha returned home and found hers.

The dog’s family warmly thanked the 2 doctors, who were on the front line during the health crisis and have just saved another life .


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