20 magical photos of dogs in the heart of a lavender field

Deb Sulzberger visits a lavender field every year to take unique shots. The models are dogs which are sometimes accompanied by children and accessories such as armchairs. The result is, unsurprisingly, magical.

A photographer had the idea to place her canine models in a fabulous lavender field. These photos give us an overview.

Here are 20 photos of dogs in a lavender field.

1. The purple lavender produces a calming effect on the 1st and the 2nd exciting

2. It is also a place of communion between a dog and its owner

3. A Husky enjoying the lavender field on his blanket

4. A teepee installed in a lavender field makes you want to live there

5. A heavenly setting that gives you wings

6. This puppy is undoubtedly the king of lavender

7.2 adorable Scottish Greyhound walking in the fields

8. This Chihuahua has the nostrils titillated by the good smell of lavender

9. The great outdoors is good for him

10. A bench where we would be in very good company

11. Discussions must be much more pleasant and inspired in this setting.

12. The soft lights and beautiful colors of lavender make this dog look angelic.

13. This dog has class with his gentlemanly grimace

14. It’s hard not to want to stroke this cuddly puppy

15. The boat and the dog are in good hands

16. This armchair will have seen the bravest of dogs parade

17. From now on, this lavender field will be the permanent playground for these puppies.

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18. The lavender field is approved by the Dalmatian

19. A universe from which this dog will not want to return anytime soon

20. This dog and this little girl are about to have a lovely picnic


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