A dog wanders in his neighborhood for 1 year after the departure and abandonment of his family

For over a year, a senior dog abandoned by his owners roamed near his old home. An association was informed and immediately took action to save him. He was, however, too clever and suspicious to be approached easily.

Hope For Paws , an organization helping animals in distress in Los Angeles , had been contacted by a person concerned about the fate of an elderly dog . The canine had been wandering the streets for over a year. In fact, it had been living outside since its owners moved , says Ron Project .

His family had left his home , leaving him there . The senior dog continued to hope for their return and spent most of his time near the house where he once lived. A return that will never occur.

Touched by his story, neighbors began to feed him . Some of them had tried to rescue him, but the quadruped fled with each attempt to approach.

Immediately alerted, Hope For Paws dispatched to the scene 2 of its volunteers, JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo . On their arrival, the 2 young women found him lying on the grass bordering the sidewalk. Although they took care to park the car several meters from him, the animal preferred to go away and crossed the street.

JoAnn and Lisa then set up a crate with food inside to lure him in, but the dog was too smart to get caught up in it. He managed to collect the treats and escape.

After a visit to the vet , the dog, who was named Pumba , was given to a foster family . He quickly found his place and befriended the other dogs in the household. Pumba has never been happier and more confident in his life.

Here is his rescue in video :

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