She proposes to privatize a plane to reunite families and separated dogs during confinement!

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An airplane whose passengers are nothing but dogs and other pets? This is the initiative led by an Indian woman wishing to help them reunite with their families, from which they were separated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The health crisis linked to the new coronavirus has not been without consequences for pets . Many of them were deprived of their masters , especially those who had remained stranded abroad or, conversely, had to return to their country of origin, leaving their companions there.

An entrepreneur living in India decided to come to their aid, as reported by Fox News . Mumbai- based cybersecurity specialist Deepika Singh is organizing private plane flights for dogs , cats and other animals to reach their families .

The idea came to her when she helped her aunt, who lives alone in Delhi , to be airlifted to Bombay , where she was able to find her family during the confinement.

She then got in touch with Rahul Muchhal of the Accretion Aviation company to set up the air transport of pets. To date, 4 have been registered: 3 dogs, including 2 of the Shih Tzu breed and a Golden Retriever , as well as a bird , a Lady Amherst’s Pheasant in this case. There are still 2 reservations missing for the flight to take place.

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Deepika Singh and Rahul Muchhal are also looking for a volunteer to accompany the animals during the trip. On the aircraft model used, the cockpit is in fact open to the cabin, which involves safety problems with regard to animals. Most pilots expect guarantees on this point.

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