Volunteer team rescue dog and litter abandoned in plastic box in church parking lot

The team of Paw Angel, a Texan association dedicated to the animal cause, could not believe it when they discovered a dog and her 9 children abandoned in a parking lot. The canine family was quickly taken care of and cared for.

When you can no longer take care of one or more dogs , for whatever reason, you can turn to an association to try to find a solution, among other possibilities. To abandon them is certainly unacceptable . However, this is what we did with a bitch and her offspring last July in Abilene , Texas.

A female Boxer cross and her 9 puppies were, in fact, discovered left to their own devices in the parking lot of a church in the city, as reported by Démotivateur .

The small dogs were only 2 weeks old. They had been placed in a blue plastic crate. Their father, confused and frightened, continued to watch over them and breastfeed them . Alas, one of her little ones was ill; he had a tumor .

This was observed by the veterinarian of the Paw Angel Animal Rescue association , whose refuge is also located in Abilene . He examined the small dogs and their mother, brought in by 2 members of Paw Angel who had been alerted by social media posts, recounting the sad discovery and posted by passers-by.

The dog suffered from several injuries which were treated . Unfortunately, the puppy with the tumor could not be saved .

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Mistie Boeger , one of the 2 volunteers who went there to pick up the animals, welcomed them to her home for several months. The puppies grew up , their mother, who was named Dory , made a full recovery, and all were subsequently adopted .


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