Interested by the comings and goings of stray dogs under the foundations of a house, passers-by save a litter of 7 puppies!

While they expected to rescue 1 or 2 stray dogs, volunteers finally took care of 9. Very young puppies were indeed on the scene, but their hiding place was particularly difficult to find. ‘access.

Theresa Scheckel and Dan McGrath are part of the Arizona Humane Society team , based in the western state of the United States. By mid-October, they had been sent to an abandoned house to be demolished in Phoenix . Stray dogs had found refuge under the foundations of the latter. Their comings and goings had attracted the attention of residents, reports The Bark .

The volunteers actually discovered 2 canines, a male and a female . They entered and left through a very narrow passage . Theresa and Dan had learned that the dog had recently given birth , but they did not see any puppies . They must have widened the hole , then the man sneaked in , finally managing to see the small canines.

He was able to collect them one by one, then pass them to Theresa . The puppies, who had not yet opened their eyes, were 7 in total: 5 males and 2 females . They found their mother, a Labrador-Retriever cross, approximately one year old. The whole family, along with the accompanying dog, were taken to the Arizona Humane Society veterinary clinic for examination.

The puppies’ age has been estimated to be less than 2 weeks . Their mother was suffering from cuts to the chest, most likely from going through the narrow opening under the house. She received the necessary care at the clinic’s maternity ward, where she spent some time with her little ones before spending several weeks in foster care .

The bitch, who was named Rose , has since been adopted. The puppies are also offered for adoption and should soon join their new families.

Here is their story in video :

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