The improbable fight of this abandoned kitten to become the son of a dog!

Tuukka the cat really thinks he’s a dog, and for good reason: his mentor and best friend is a Golden Retriever who took him under his wing as soon as he arrived home.

One day, a very young kitten got stuck in the branches of a tree in Austin, Texas. One person managed to retrieve it, then kept it at home for a few days. Through a mutual friend, Taryn and Jenna Choquette learned about the story of the little feline and, when they saw him, they immediately fell under his spell . The 2 sisters therefore decided to adopt him , reports The Dodo .

The Choquettes already had an animal, a Golden Retriever dog called Brady . The latter has always adored animals and was delighted with the arrival of the kitten . However, his mistresses preferred to separate them at first so as not to upset the newcomer, whom they called Tuukka .

Brady and Tuukka could see each other through a sliding glass door , but not touch each other. The dog remained lying behind the partition and waited to finally be able to meet him . After a week, the sisters decided they could introduce them .

From then on, the Golden Retriever and the kitten became inseparable .

Brady took on the role of adopted dad , or even mom, as Tuukka was desperately trying to suckle him. The kitten was only a month old when it was rescued, and therefore weaned too early .

The 2 quadrupeds are also accomplices in crime : Tuukka jumps on the counter to push the food, while Brady picks it up and feasts. In addition, the cat has become very protective of his canine friend, whom he defends by growling like a dog.

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Follow their fun adventures on the Brady and Tuukka Instagram account.


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