Why is my dog aggressive with the postman?

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are classic works of dogs attacking factors. When it approaches it, it will enter all its states. How can he stop being hostile to the postman?

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why is my dog aggressive towards the postman? Take care of the recurring boring aggressive dogs and factors in the development of instinct: solutions spend your dog’s work withdrawal commands every day, motivate your dog to quit anticipating and controlling the events that cause problems, and relax your dog’s

Your dog is waiting for your postman. Will he go crazy when the postman comes? This excitement often turns into negative energy, or even attack? Is your postman sometimes afraid to put your mail in the mailbox?

many dogs know little about the ceremony of an intruder in strange clothes coming to their house every day.

Don’t you understand how hostile your dog is to your postman? After reading this article, you will first understand why your dog does this. You will have specific solutions to solve your problem.

why is my dog very aggressive to postmen? Protective instinct

even if the domestication of dogs distorts the concept of territory to a certain extent, your dog can still develop an important protective instinct to protect its own territory, especially the territory of the whole social group. In fact, when an intruder approaches, some dogs want to intimidate and repel what they think is an enemy or threat. The mailbox is close to the exit (door, door), and the dog knows that this may mean that the famous intruder wants to go home.

or, if the dog has never come out and he has been in the backyard, Of course, it will develop and strengthen its guardian instinct.

situation occurs repeatedly

. In addition, repeating the same situation every day will encourage dogs to repeat their behavior.

in fact, dogs understand this,


dogs learn through association and habituation, which strengthens his attitude because he thinks he works well. In fact, the postman will approach the “home” every day and leave systematically after barking, which is a reward and verification for him.


another important reason that can explain the dog’s aggressive behavior against the postman is boredom. In fact, a boring dog in the garden will develop embarrassing and even dangerous behavior because it will never come out of the garden.

it lacks expenditure, and its guardianship instinct is strengthened by isolation and lack of social interaction. These factors together, Whether it’s the postman or anyone passing by, it will participate in the dog’s aggression.

dog’s aggression against the postman: solution

after this discovery, some skills to solve problems and regain control of the dog:

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every day. The first thing is very simple. Take your dog out for a walk every day, if you have a dog. For your pet, walking should be rich and high quality. In short, don’t give him a 10 minute neighborhood trip, but at least a 30 minute real trip.

in addition, when you don’t have time to play with your dog, play with your dog and give him some professional toys.

executes the

waiver One of the best ways to control your dog is to teach him to give up. This is through “basic” education and learning tips, such as reminding or stopping.

to teach your dog these tips, you must make it understand that giving up is victory! You must establish and strengthen a connection in your dog’s mind: when I give up, I will get something.

to do this, you must start teaching him from less exciting situations, which will not put him in a negative or aggressive emotional state. Instead, start by giving up small, simple or even very simple things, and then increase the difficulty.

encourages your dog to give up

don’t scold your dog to give up, Otherwise, he will not want to come back to you, nor will he agree to stop his intention or ongoing action. Let him know that if he gives up, he will get something more pleasant than what he is doing or wants to do.

first predicts and controls the events that cause the

problem. In order to solve this problem, it may seem contradictory, But in the first few weeks of work, it’s important to avoid this situation.

in short, when you work, don’t let your dog experience problems (the arrival of the postman) and let it fall into failure, otherwise you won’t move forward.

is like this, Before the postman arrives, isolate your dog or keep him busy with an activity he particularly likes so that you won’t let him fall out of his control and you won’t. Once your dog has given up and you work in a variety of increasingly challenging environments, you can put it back with the postman.

however, it is recommended that you tie the dog to the belt at first and always focus on not letting it (or you) In case of failure,


also read: what if the dog bites?


are far enough from the mailbox to strengthen your withdrawal instructions (leave, stop, etc.) with the food or toys the dog likes.


You can get closer bit by bit, but never waste time and risk having to start from scratch.

finally, you can also suggest that your postman cooperate with you to improve the situation. Give him some candy and he can put it down every time he passes by, so that your dog will understand that the postman’s passing is not a threat, but a pleasure. “

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