Running away after a breakup, a teenage girl remains untraceable until the police dog intervenes

Gendarmerie du Doubs / Facebook

Once again, it was a dog who ended a disturbing disappearance and thus saved a life. It is that of a 17-year-old girl, grieved by a recent rupture and whose effects had been found at the edge of a stream in the Doubs.

A major device has been deployed around the towns of Rancenay and Busy (25) to find a missing teenager, including a police dog team. It is precisely the search dog employed by the military which made it possible to locate the young girl unconscious, but alive, as reported by France Bleu this Thursday, June 10.

The day before, at the end of the afternoon, the former boyfriend of the 17-year-old teenager warned the gendarmes of her disappearance after receiving a worrying text message from her. The young couple had just separated and it had affected her deeply.

To the point of running away and leaving his bag near the Doubs river. It still contained his smartphone and especially several boxes of medicines emptied of their contents. Finding her was therefore all the more urgent; his health and even his life were now at stake.

Located 3 hours later thanks to the police dog

Dozens of gendarmes, drones, a civil security helicopter and diving firefighters were quickly mobilized. So are search dogs, and it was one of them who managed to track down the missing young person.

3 hours after the report of her worrying absence, she was found by the canine of the gendarmerie. She was in the forest at Busy , under a pile of leaves. She had lost consciousness, but she was alive and well.

The teenager was immediately transported to the emergency room, but her state of health is no longer a cause for concern, according to France Bleu .

Congratulations to all those who took part in this operation and especially to the dog teams of the Doubiste gendarmerie, who are not on their first rescue.

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