A mischievous dog bursts into the stadium and surprises the players by participating in the soccer match! (Video)

Footters / Facebook (screenshot)

Our 4-legged companions can turn out to be great athletes! After the video showing a dog participating in a track and field race in the United States, Internet users have discovered on the web another sequence for the less funny. In Spain, this time around, a canine was filmed chasing a ball during a soccer match.

Jorge León didn’t think his loyal friend would become a football star. During a walk, his female German Shepherd named Jara could not resist the call of the ball. As the duo strolled near the stadium, they paused for a moment to watch 2 teams compete against each other. It was then that the quadruped saw a fascinating object: the ball.

Jorge León / Instagram

Video of dog playing at soccer game received several thousand likes

It all happened very quickly. With 10 minutes remaining , Jara leapt onto the pitch and grabbed the object of his desires, reports The Dodo . It was a golden opportunity for her to have fun outdoors. According to its owner, “ his passion is balls ”.

Although the match had to be suspended for a few moments, the bitch’s interruption brought a smile to the participants and the audience. Since this unusual event, Jara returns to the stadium to spend some time with the players, who have taken a liking to this new football legend.

The video showing Jara letting off steam on the grass was posted on Facebook on April 25 and prompted several thousand internet users to react.

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Luis Miguel Chaverri Goñi / Instagram

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