A kidnapped dog in Montpellier. 2 days later, a Rennes resident calls his owner and asks for a ransom

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Several days after being the subject of a ransom attempt for the return of her dog, a mother from Hérault was able to recover the animal safe and sound thanks to the intervention of the gendarmes. The man who had kidnapped him claimed 300 euros.

A kidnapped dog was returned to its owner, a resident of Nissan-lez-Enserune (34), while the person who kidnapped him demanded a ransom, as reported by Midi Libre this Wednesday, March 17.

The misadventure of Julie Sanchez and her 4-legged companion began on Thursday, March 11. That day, she drove out of her house to pick up her children from school. As usual, his dog had followed the vehicle for a few yards and he was supposed to come home afterwards, as he usually did.

Only this time, a group of young people were on the lookout. They saw the canine alone and jumped at the chance to take him away. The individuals then left the area with the animal.

Julie Sanchez searched everywhere for her dog, then took to social media in the hopes that someone would recognize him and help him locate him. She reported her disappearance in particular via posts on Facebook .

Two days later, a man contacted her. He sent her a message, telling her that he had picked up the quadruped. The individual in question explained that he lives in Rennes (35) and that he could not travel the 900 kilometers to give it to him. The person concerned and Julie Sanchez then agreed to each make half of the trip, and therefore meet halfway.

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The dog brought back by the gendarmes 4 days later

When her interlocutor finally asked her for 300 euros to pay for the train ticket, she had doubts about her intentions. Especially since he no longer answered the phone, only by messaging. She then informed the gendarmes of the Capestang brigade, who then alerted their Bretillian colleagues, while making the person in question believe that she was going to go to Rennes herself .

The soldiers came to his home and recovered the dog. They also questioned her captor. On Monday March 15, the animal was back with its family.

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