Play in there with his dog

Illustration : "Jouer avec son chien en intérieur"

when the weather does not allow you to go out for a long time as usual, you can make up for these deficiencies through indoor games. Even if your pet often walks, the latter is recommended. They do contribute to his health and development.

executive summary

encourages him to detect objects before developing his talent. The traditional game

is essential for dogs, Physically, psychologically and emotionally. It helps animals balance, stimulate their intelligence, promote their learning, and enable them to resist stress and boredom. At the same time, it helps to strengthen muscles and bones, improve coordination and stimulate senses.

when the weather is bad, dogs’ walking time and outdoor activities will be reduced (but never reduced), Indoor games enable these activities to be completed and occupy space in an interesting way. They don’t need to spend a lot of money. Usually, your only existence and some props can create interesting and exciting exercises for dogs. For some tips before playing

, please remember these different basic rules:

game must be fun for you and your dog, It must always be associated with positive emotions. Each dog advances at its own speed. Therefore, there is no need to wait for immediate improvement. Give him time to absorb practice. Increase the difficulty in a gradual manner, but do not consume steps. Reward him in a planned way, praise him, give him candy and caress.

food should not become excessive food, which may lead to overweight. For example, you can order a snack he usually eats at the Olympic Games so that you don’t exceed the food he eats every day. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more. Don’t let your dog over exercise. He may feel confused and stressed. Instead, choose only one exercise at a time and don’t let them last too long to avoid fatigue. Indoor games should not replace walking. The latter is essential and should not be deleted. Dogs like to look for buried things, especially when they smell food. Take this opportunity to provide her with search and detection games at home. For example, hide a croquet in one of the 10 socks and put them around him when he sits down. He will be happy to find candy, and he will be more proud when you congratulate him.

in another version, you can hide a croquet under three cups and mix them together before he finds it. A hat for dogs. Believe in his wisdom, curiosity and impeccable talent. They will eventually lead him to find a solution.

hide and seek “and”

“are one of the basic training for dogs to become search and rescue dogs. By connecting a hidden person with a positive experience, it stimulates the dog’s desire to find a hidden person.


only need to play hide and seek in a room at home. Let him sit still and show him a croquet or biscuit.Then go to another room to hide and call him.

your phone and the smell of candy will let him find you soon. This will develop his hearing and smell. For the first time, please call him at any time to help and guide him. Then you can use your favorite toy instead of food. When he finds you, you will give him a congratulations.

chair tunnel

first put a chair in front of your dog, and then order him to lie down and don’t move. Go to the other side of the chair and let him guide and encourage him with you. Give him a treat when he succeeds. Gradually add a chair, and then add several chairs to form a tunnel, where he will learn to climb over and join you.

don’t forget to take an outdoor walk, which is inseparable from indoor games. Your dog shouldn’t stay at home all day.


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in France, traditional Kong Game

what is Kong? This is a small rubber toy. Dogs like it. They use it to chew. You can put some candy in this toy to stimulate your dog’s intelligence and reward it when appropriate.

in short,

has many interesting and intuitive games to develop your dog’s intelligence and different senses. Despite the bad weather, indoor games offer a variety of possibilities. A good game must be simple enough, not too long, and the most important thing is to satisfy your pet.

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