Dog sex education

Can Illustration : "L'éducation sexuelle du chien " and

interfere with the sexual life of dogs? If so, in what way? The most important thing is to restrict and prohibit some unwelcome behaviors to promote social life.


the main sexual life cycle of dogs allows dogs to live their own life, but limit

Dogs’ sexual behavior is mainly determined by instinct. Although suppressing desire seems unnatural, you should not feel guilty about the idea of some restrictions and prohibitions. These rules are essential so that dogs can socialize without inconvenience to themselves and the people around them. Let’s take a look at the general outline of the dog’s sexual life and its attitude.

the big cycle of dog’s sexual life

in men, adolescence is usually later than women. Females have their first fever between months 6 and 9, while their male companions enter puberty between months 10 and 12. In large varieties, this may even happen much later. Adulthood means the end of growth. Therefore, early castration of dogs is harmful to dogs.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Generally speaking, male dogs only start looking for females to mate when it is hot. The bitch has fever twice a year for 3 weeks. During this period, the reproductive period ranges from day 9 to day 13. Vulvar bleeding was observed in hot female animals, and changes in behavior were also observed. The male senses its hormonal and odor signals and begins to try to get close to it to achieve prominent purposes. That’s why when you have a bitch at home and it’s hot, you may encounter a male wandering around the house. Dogs only accept mating in hot weather.

however, dogs may mimic protrusions outside hot weather. Then they climb onto people and rub their legs, cushions or other animals. These sexual behaviors can be regarded as social dominant attitudes or some kind of authoritative test. Because they will bring inconvenience to people and may cause the hierarchical status of the owner to be questioned, it is necessary to curb the dog’s unwelcome sexual behavior.


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to let it live its own life, but set the limit of

Many dog owners are reluctant to suppress their sexual desire because they are afraid to make them depressed or unhappy. However, imposing restrictions on them is necessary and does not necessarily harm their happiness. Obviously, you can’t let your dog rub with guests or try to mate with other animals. A firm “no”, “stop” or “stop” will make him understand that he must stop his behavior immediately. These prohibitions help to promote his socialization and cohabitation with others, starting with his master and family.

at the same time, if there are organized or unpopular protrusions, you should not stand there and watch. Dogs should not have sex in the presence of their families. “

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