Here are the 10 dog breeds best suited to teleworking their owners, new study finds

Health crisis requires, many people have had to switch to telework, which has had an impact on the daily life of their pets. What are the breeds of dogs that pose fewer problems when it comes to working at home? British consulting site unveils its top 10.

If some were already doing it well before the Covid-19 pandemic, most employees had to get to work remotely when confinement was declared to stem the progression of the virus.

Dogs whose owners have switched to telecommuting have obviously been very positive about spending more time with them. However, we have to admit that it is not always easy for owners to concentrate fully on their task in the presence of their 4-legged friends.

The latter do not necessarily understand why their masters “ignore” them at times and can sometimes have “crises” (frequent barking, destruction of objects, break-ins during video meetings, cleaning accidents, etc.). Others pose fewer problems in this regard, in particular because they are more independent or more discreet.

A new study reveals, precisely, the breeds of dogs most compatible with the teleworking of their owners, as reported by Small Business Trends this Sunday, May 30. Research conducted by Small Business Prices , a UK small business advisory platform.

The authors of the study analyzed the characteristics of 30 of the most popular dog breeds, before establishing a top 10.

They took into account criteria such as the ability to adapt to apartment living and loneliness, obedience and learning, the tendency to bark, the level of energy and the need for exercise.

Surprise 2nd place

It is the Shih Tzu who, according to this classification, is the most suitable dog when it comes to working from home. The fact that he adapts perfectly to living in an apartment, his independence, his ability to learn, as well as his moderate needs in physical activity plead in his favor.

He is followed by the Doberman Pinscher, which is still a little surprise. We expect, in fact, that this classification will be completely omitted by small canines, but the large Pinscher with the black and tan (or brown and tan) coat occupies the place of dolphin. Despite his imposing stature, he knows how to be discreet and barks very little. This is one of his strengths as a “telework-friendly” dog. There is therefore no risk of hindering the concentration of its owner, nor of disturbing his videoconferences.

Ranked 3rd, Havanese asserted its independence and obedience to complete the podium.

Here is the complete ranking of the dog breeds best suited to remote work from their masters:

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1. Shih Tzu
2. Doberman
3. Havanese
4. French Bulldog
5. English Bulldog
6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
7. English Cocker Spaniel
8. Boston Terrier
9. Poodle
10. Miniature Schnauzer

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