Elisa Pilarski case: “Get reimbursed”, the creator of the pot in support of the dog Curtis feels deceived and addresses the donors

Support and help for Curtis the dog of Elisa Pilarski and Christophe / Leetchi

She thought she was doing well by launching an online fundraiser in favor of Curtis, but she now feels cheated by Christophe Ellul and calls on donors to be reimbursed. Marjorie Tortosa is convinced that she was used.”

Like the many people who followed this sad case, Marjorie Tortosa had been touched by the disappearance of Elisa Pilarski, which occurred in November 2019 in the forest of Retz in the Aisne.”

The 29-year-old woman, 6 months pregnant, had lost her life after being bitten several times. According to veterinary expertise and DNA analysis, the author of the said bites would be Curtis, the dog of the couple that the victim formed with Christophe Ellul and who accompanied him that day.”

However, long before the publication of these results, Marjorie Tortosa was convinced that Curtis had nothing to do with the death of his mistress and believed in the statements of Christophe Ellul. In December 2019, she launched a fundraiser on the Leetchi platform, with Sandrine, the sister of Elisa Pilarski’s widower. The goal was to raise enough funds to allow Christophe Ellul to hire a lawyer and place the dog Curtis in boarding, instead of being held in a kennel.”

” They used me

The evolution of the investigation, having led in particular to the indictment of Christophe Ellul for manslaughter (in his capacity as owner and therefore legally responsible for Curtis), led Marjorie Tortosa to change her opinion. Today, she says she feels she has been deceived, as she confided to France Bleu on Tuesday, April 13. I believed Christophe Ellul. They used me, he collected the money partly from me. I blame myself for believing the money would go for Curtis,” she said.

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The pot in question has reached 6838 euros. An amount that was paid to Sandrine Ellul, according to Marjorie Tortosa. The latter invites the 400 donors to take the steps to get their money back: I encourage people to claim their due, to file a complaint for deception or to contact Leetchi.”

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