Eukanuba celebrates its 50th anniversary and innovates with its Reignite range of recipes adapted to your dog’s life stage

Illustration : "Eukanuba fête ses 50 ans et innove avec sa gamme Reignite : des recettes adaptées au stade de vie de votre chien"

Decades go by and Eukanuba is increasingly establishing itself in the animal food market. The brand celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019. The opportunity for her to look back on her latest innovations, explain her manufacturing methods and talk about a bright future.”

” There are a plethora of food choices for dog owners. How does Eukanuba, at the age of 50, stand out from the competition?

Animals have always been at the heart of our reflections, which is why we do not compromise on the diet of dogs and cats. Descendants of carnivores, we believe that they should be fed as such. That’s why at Eukanuba we only use quality animal protein. You will never find concentrated vegetable proteins in our recipes. Indeed, compared to animal proteins, vegetable proteins do not have a complete profile of essential amino acids.”

” That is?

For example, legumes are low in certain sulfur amino acids that the body does not know how to produce effectively on its own. We favor proteins with high biological value in order to give the best to your pet.”

” How are Eukanuba recipes developed?

Our tasty recipes provide tailor-made nutrition to your dog. They help him to maintain him in optimal physical condition throughout his life. The needs are different depending on his age and size, so we offer you a complete range to accompany him at each new stage of his life.”

So, whether you want to give your puppy the best start in life or take good care of your elderly dog, Eukanuba has an ideal nutritional solution for your companion. Similarly if you want a recipe without cereals or your companion has problems with weight, joints or other … EUKANUBA has the solution! Our RANGE GRAIN FREE or DAILY CARE will allow you to find the kibble best suited to your pet.”

” More than 120 eukanuba quality controls, it is a high quality kibble…

The quality of our products is paramount. Thus, we rigorously select all our ingredients and conduct more than 120 quality controls to offer you the best.”

” Eukanuba has recently developed a new reignite range, what are the changes compared to previous compositions?

We conducted a 10-year study on the longevity of dogs and the results proved invaluable for the evolution of our knowledge and helped us develop our new range of recipes.”

They helped to highlight how the different nutritional components of a recipe bring good health and well-being to dogs. Benefits that are reflected at every stage of life throughout life. So we’ve integrated all this knowledge and know-how into each of our new kibbles, to help every dog we feed live a long and healthy life.”

We now have recipes rich in fresh chicken (minimum 15% of the whole recipe). Fresh chicken is a highly bioavailable protein source that not only improves the palatability and digestibility of each recipe, but also contributes to the absorption of important amino acids while promoting powerful muscle mass.”

” What are the specificities and positioning of this range?

Our new range takes an approach even more adapted to the different stages of life, with the introduction of new varieties. For puppies of large breeds, we now offer a two-step approach: Puppy Large and Junior Large. These two references contribute to promoting harmonious and regular growth, adapted to the besSpecific nutritional needs of large and very large breeds.”

” The longevity of dogs growing, it seemed essential to develop a range for senior dogs?

In line with our approach of adapting our recipes to specific life stages, we felt that dogs living longer and healthier, it was necessary to introduce a mature life stage into our range. Now having a mature life stage and a senior life stage in our range allows us to better adapt the nutrition of the mature dog and helps to keep him in optimal physical condition over the years.”

” Why did you opt for hexagonal kibble?

We have developed a new size and shape of kibble: a hexagon, with rounded corners. This offers a larger surface area to evenly distribute the fat that will coat the kibble and thus increase its palatability*.”

The diameter of our kibble adapts to the size (mini, small, medium or large) and the age of your companions (it decreases with age).”

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According to studies, 80% to 85% of dogs will suffer from tartar during their lives: that is to say if it is a real scourge! Apart from the unsightly side, tartar has many harmful consequences for the animal. That’s why at Eukanuba we wanted to protect them as soon as the first permanent teeth appeared (around 4 months).”

All our recipes** therefore contain a mineral substance called sodium hexametaphosphate (sHMP), also known as EUKANUBA DentaDefense, which helps reduce tartar formation by up to 80% in 28 days***.”

* Vs Eukanuba chicken old range

** except in puppy large breed

*** products only for adult dogs; (results may vary depending on the dogs)”

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