10 pictures of Husky puppies that will make you fall in love

Huskies are dogs with extremely interesting characteristics. Puppies of the breed are equally puppies, as these photos show.

Huskies are originally from Siberia. They are dogs that combine a very independent character and a very affectionate nature. They need to exercise daily in order to be happy and healthy . But they are also real furballs that demand your caresses . Husky puppies are completely irresistible .

Here are 10 photos of Huskies that are more beautiful than the others.

1. A color to each iris and a two-tone coat give this puppy a unique appearance

2. They can also have an all-white coat and blue eyes, which is reminiscent of their Siberian origin.

4. How not to love snow from an early age when you are a Husky puppy

5. Only a few weeks old, this puppy loves to play in the grass

6. The games are immediately more fun when you have your little brother Husky with you

7. With proper diet and exercise, he will grow tall and healthy.

8. This curious looking puppy is the delight of his new family

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9. The sea air seems to do him a lot of good. His family will know what will make this puppy happy during the holidays

10. Huskies don’t like solitude and this puppy enjoys all the company he could possibly want.


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