14 dogs who did not fully understand the concept of the window

Some dogs do not fully understand the usefulness of windows and do not know what attitude to have towards them. Which can lead to some hilarious scenes.

The great intelligence of dogs and their formidable ability to adapt allows them to understand a wide variety of situations. However, some may be puzzled by things that seem obvious to us, such as windows .

Windows, bay windows and patio doors can be confusing for our 4-legged friends, especially when they separate them from their goal .

Here are 14 dogs who have trouble with the concept of glass …

1. This Pug has only one desire, it is to enter, but this transparent obstacle annoys him to the highest point.

2. This Siberian Husky now knows what the glass tastes like

3. He gives his masters a pretty grimace

4. This Husky knows a lot too, when it comes to funny faces.

5. As long as we do, he decided to proceed with cleaning the glass.

6. He can’t see anything, but he doesn’t care as long as he can sniff the glass.

7. After getting exhausted trying to get the attention of his owners, he decided to take a nap.

8. For him, this window is totally useless

9. He’s trying to get a breath of fresh air.

10. Another Husky who specializes in grimacing

11. Nothing escapes his expert eye

12. This Dogue de Bordeaux is really tired of waiting outside

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13. This Rottweiler is literally window shopping

14. He would like so much to go out, too


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