A police officer finds a dog chained to a fence and gives him the best gift!

A New York police officer didn’t just free a dog he discovered chained to a fence. He dried it, warmed it, fed it and more. Thanks to him, the canine was able to experience a whole new life.

New York Police (NYPD) Michael Pascale was on patrol in Brooklyn when he saw a dog in great distress . The animal, a black-robed Pitbull , was chained to a fence . He was very skinny , hungry , totally wet and shivering , Animal Channel reports. A vision that greatly saddened the policeman.

The man made him board his vehicle, where the canine was finally entitled to some heat . According to the procedure, Michael Pascale was to take him to the nearest shelter, but he decided to take care of the Pitbull himself. Something in him had touched him , so much that he didn’t want to go away.

The policeman did not only adopt the dog, he also found him a job thanks to which they never leave each other

This is how the big-hearted police officer ended up adopting this dog, which he named Joey . He got so attached to him that he was sad every time he left home without him to go to work.

The idea then came to him to make him pass tests in order to make him enter the police force . Joey brilliantly successful all of them and became police dog. Since then, Michael Pascale and his 4-legged friend have been together 24 hours a day , at home and at work.

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