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self-confidence means that you will not shrink back systematically in the face of obstacles, nor in the face of intimidating individuals or factors. It began from a very young age. As we face and overcome difficulties, it will strengthen with the passage of time. So are our dog friends!

Abstract How do

dogs show shyness? The reason why dogs lack self-confidence is that self-confidence is built!

with the help of his mother, by learning how to interact with others and overcoming various traps scattered in his young life, the dog gained self-confidence and became more and more confident in his ability. The early stages of his life are crucial in this regard. The same is true of the master’s company. It must help the animal go beyond fear, go beyond what it thinks is its limit, and regain the self-confidence it needs very much. How does the

dog show its shyness? The dog that

doesn’t trust it can be easily identified from its posture; Faced with a situation that made him uncomfortable (there were other dogs, people…), he put his tail between his hind legs, his ears behind him and leaned against his head. This is very low. When a dog approaches it, it may begin to tremble and tend to retreat or run away.

in the presence of other dogs, it will stand motionless in the corner to avoid meeting their eyes. These are manifestations of low self-esteem and are related to shyness and lack of self-confidence.

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dogs lack self-confidence. There are many reasons for lack of self-confidence. They usually originate in the early stages of dog infancy. The lack of socialization of puppies is one of the main factors leading to shyness. He was taken away from his mother too early because he had no chance to interact with his peers and other creatures, and his fear of others became difficult to correct.

a dog who had been abused in the past may also lose self-confidence. Neurological disorders and diseases are also part of it.

trust is built!

helps his dog restore confidence. It needs to be very patient and show psychology and understanding. The result will not be achieved overnight. This is a long process and requires a lot of work from the owner.


dogs must face things that threaten them, but gradually desensitize them. If he is afraid of his peers, it is best for him to meet a gentle dog for the first time. You can ask your family, friends or neighbors to find a well-educated and quiet animal. Bit by bit, you can invite your dog to see others and carefully observe his reaction to avoid further trauma.


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, he needs company and encouragement, Whether it’s interacting with individuals or transcending any other fear. For example, if he is afraid to go down the stairs, jump off the sofa or cross the threshold, encourage him with a cheerful tone, pat his hand, or even give him a candy. What matters is himGive time to move forward at your own speed, and confidence will slowly build up. “

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