Discover Diego, a Great Dane passionate about sidecar!


As soon as he hears the sidecar engine purring, Diego comes running with only one idea in mind: to take a seat in the basket. The passion that this dog has for this vehicle is surprising. The story of his arrival in the life of his masters is just as beautiful.

Diego never hides his enthusiasm when his owner Carlos Da Silva walks towards his sidecar. The Great Dane knows that a new journey through the streets of the East End awaits him. This dog would not deny it for the world, as Metro tells it.


Everywhere they go, Carlos and Diego are a real eye-catcher in this part of London . People stop to see them go by and to take pictures of them.

Comfortably seated in the carrycot, strapped and secured, Diego sits proudly with his pair of glasses that protect his eyes and his large ears that sway in the wind.


Carlos and his wife Elenice Ribeiro have another, younger Great Dane. He goes by the name of Nelson and is one year old. He’s not yet as obsessed with the sidecar as his older brother, but the couple hope he follows suit.

Carlos and Elenice own a motorcycle shop, where the 2 giant canines spend a good part of their days. The quartet is therefore together permanently.

His mistress was terrified of dogs

This is something Elenice would not have imagined in the past, she who was afraid of dogs. Her husband had even got used to the idea that he would never have one again, even though he had raised several Great Danes before meeting her.

However, when she realized how much Carlos adored these dogs and that she had nothing to fear from them, she finally agreed. She was the one who gave him Diego at Christmas in 2015. She has not regretted it.

Elenice not only adored Diego , but she was also able to take the measure of what he was able to bring her. In 2017, she learned she had breast cancer. During the treatment, the dog gave him invaluable support. Her love for him has only grown stronger since then.

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