Dog allegedly killed by an attacker in Le Havre: the teenager had lied

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Two weeks ago, the story delivered by a teenage girl and according to which a man had killed her dog with a kick, had aroused a strong emotion. The investigation carried out by the gendarmes however revealed that she had made up this story and that the quadruped was in fact the victim of an accident.

A Chihuahua breed dog died on Tuesday, November 26 in the Rond-Point district of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime). He was accompanying his young mistress, a 17-year-old girl , who told her mother and the gendarmes that the animal had been kicked and killed by a man .

The latter would have asked her where she lived and, faced with her refusal to answer him, he would have gone into a black anger. After hitting the girl in the face, he allegedly attacked the dog, again according to his version of events . The Chihuahua died at its owner’s home shortly after the incident.

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Only here, what the investigators of the gendarmerie discovered, in particular by examining the images of CCTV , had absolutely nothing to do with the statements of the teenager, as reports Tendance Ouest . In fact, no one had bothered her that night. It turned out that the dog died of his injuries after being hit by a car . She had invented this pseudo-aggression story so as not to anger her mother .

She will have to explain herself to justice on February 12, 2020 for denouncing an imaginary crime .

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