Vicanis Tranquility insurance: a support solution for the future of dogs after the departure of their senior owner

Vicanis Tranquility insurance is an unprecedented solution, which allows people over the age of 60 to be confident about the future of their pet in the event of a problem. It provides for the care of the dog in a high-end residence, where everything is designed for its happiness and well-being.

What happens to my dog in the event of death, disability or addiction? This question, every dog owner asks himself one day or another. Not everyone has a parent willing to take over. The final custody of the animal is one of the major concerns of owners and especially seniors.

This is what can dissuade them from welcoming a new pet for fear of not being able one day to take charge of it. 68% of people over 60 with a dog express this fear. And 70% admit that they have no definitive custody solution.

It is to meet these challenges that Vicanis launched the Vicanis Tranquillité insurance. It is aimed at people aged 60 and over who own a dog.

Once registered, the member no longer has to worry about the fate of his dog. If something happens to the owner, a relative or a trusted person (previously indicated by the member) contacts customer service and Vicanis takes care of the recovery of the animal.

An upscale residence where the dog is pampered until the end of his days

The canine is then taken to the Vicanis residence, located in the heart of the Ardennes natural park where everything is done to bring together the best living conditions. After a first veterinary examination, the animal follows an individualized support protocol allowing it to better cope with the loss of its owner. During the rest of its existence, the animal is pampered, fed, housed, cared for and entertained by a team of professionals, including veterinarians and educators.

Everything is done to ensure that the dog benefits from a quality of life worthy of the name: health monitoring, adapted food, various activities (indoor and outdoor play areas, dog sports ground, gardens, parks, etc.), presence of staff during the day and night, etc.

Each canine resident has his own accommodation. An individual small studio with personal bedding and water tank, where space, comfort and carefully thought-out amenities ensure tranquility and well-being. In short, a complete solution to prevent seniors from being bothered by the fate of their animal after their departure and to benefit from its presence at all times.

Launched in March 2021 by Omer Bourret , animal health insurance specialist for more than 15 years, Vicanis Tranquillité insurance is a unique product in France and in Europe. It is accessible without a health questionnaire and the price is calculated according to the age of the member and his pet. For example, for a 63-year-old senior owner of a 7-year-old dog, the death benefit is offered at 19.30 euros and the dependency option at 3.30 euros. For a 70-year-old whose dog is 10 years old, the death benefit is 24.70 euros and the long-term care option is 6.60 euros.

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