Firefighters intervene urgently for a dog stuck on a branch, a dozen meters high

In England, firefighters were called in to rescue a dog suspended for 2 hours over a river and which could fall at any time. A specialized rescue unit was deployed to recover the animal safely.

Across the Channel, a particularly delicate rescue operation was carried out in order to recover a dog stuck on a branch, above a stream, as reported by Devon Live .

This Sunday (June 6) afternoon, the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service was called in about a canine in terrible shape and in need of urgent care.

The animal was on a branch at the top of a cliff and a dozen meters above a river in Bere Alston , about 8 miles north of Plymouth (South West England). It was almost 5:30 p.m. and the quadruped had been trapped for almost 2 hours; he could fall at any time.

Specialized rescuers to the rescue

The Devon & Somerset Rescue Service has gone to great lengths to ensure the success of this rescue. The device included a fire van based at Bere Alston and a team of specialist rescuers from Camels Head .

The firefighters quickly assessed the situation and put together a response plan. They used their SHACS type equipment, intended for operations at height, as well as a rescue net.

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Thanks to the quality of their equipment, their know-how and their coordinated efforts, they were able to reach the dog, secure it, then reassemble it before returning it to its owner.

The operation was a total success. The success is all the more to be welcomed as the position of the animal on the branch was precarious and the slightest clumsiness could tip everything upside down.


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