A man discovers a cat under its frame and thinks it will break free on its own. 2 days later, the feline is still stuck

She had been hoping to be rescued for 2 long days. After a first refusal, the firefighters did not come for this kind of intervention, they finally went there and were able to recover a cat safe and sound in a town in Auboise.

No one knows how she got into this situation. In Sainte-Savine near Troyes (10), a cat was trapped at the top of a house, in the narrow space between the roof frame and the wall, as reported by L’Est Eclair .

The animal was thus stuck for 2 days. The owner of the place could not do much to help him. The location of the pussy was too high and inaccessible without the proper equipment, which he did not have. He told himself that she would eventually free herself and come back down on her own.

When he realized that she would not be able to cope without help, he called the local fire department. The latter, however, told him that they did not intervene in situations such as this one.

© L’Est Eclair

Quick and efficient intervention

The man then contacted the association L’École du chat de l’Aube , based in the nearby town of La Chapelle-Saint-Luc . This in turn alerts the town hall and the municipal police of Sainte-Savine . Finally, the Troyes firefighters agreed to intervene on an exceptional basis.

© L’Est Eclair

When they got there, they proceeded quickly and efficiently. After deploying the large ladder, one of them climbed up to the level of the cat and was able to bring her down safely, before handing her to L’Ecole du chat de l’Aube .

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© L’Est Eclair

Since then, it has been at the association’s refuge, whose team is working to find its possible owners. If so, she will be available for adoption.


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