Playing with his dog outside

Illustration : "Jouer avec son chien en extérieur"

weather permitting, outdoor games are a privileged moment for dogs and you. If you don’t need a lot of resources, you can get a lot of benefits.


some precautions to take when playing hide and seek in public places. Find hidden objects and play Frisbee. If you take a walk every day (or even twice a day),

They are essential to the health of all dogs and are not sufficient to ensure physical, psychological and emotional balance. Your dog needs to play, no matter how old it is. Outdoor sports enable him to exercise muscles, activate all functions of the body, improve coordination and stimulate intelligence. At the same time, these outdoor activities strengthen your connection.


have all these benefits, as well as the fun of free activities outdoors. The exercises provided must be appropriate to his form and ability. The most important thing is to let your dog have fun, share happiness and collusion.

some precautions in public places

not all dog owners have a big garden. Although there are many indoor activities that can be carried out with dogs, it is strongly recommended to carry out activities on the beach, forest or park to maximize the freedom of animals. However, it must be ensured that the selected public places are accessible to dogs and can be moved without a belt. Your dog must also obey your orders, especially when recalling, to avoid accidents with other animals or people who may meet there.


can also consider taking its toys and a bottle of water, so that it can quench its thirst at any time, Especially if you choose a place far away from you.

playing cache

cache game is a good way to develop your talent and analytical ability. For the smallest dog, it also helps to strengthen your landmark status in his mind, because he will systematically find and connect with you on the next few trips.

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. To do this, throw an object at it (not too far) and use it to hide behind the tree. You must be able to see him at any time in order to intervene when needed. Let him start looking for you. If he is in trouble, call him and make it easier for him. Once he joins you, warmly congratulate him.

finds a hidden object

. For this game, your dog must get basic commands, such as “sit” and “don’t move”. Command him not to move, show him what you want to hide, and then walk away in front of him. Hide the toy and let him get it. Don’t forget to reward it.

then you can gradually increase the difficulty of the game by finding a more exquisite hiding place. In addition, basic instructions can be modified.

plays Frisbee

dogs like to capture and bring Frisbee back. Their floating track gives them time to adjust their game. They like to capture them in flight.

in addition, there are some frisbee dog competitions, in which there are very spectacular characters. Of course, you’d better practice Frisbee throwing first, so that the flight track of the frisbee can be smooth and the objects can fly normally.Repeat several times to run the disk for a short distance. Then you can throw it further. Dogs will take it to the ground and then learn to intercept them in the air.


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in France surmounts obstacles

mounds and rocks, Benches and streams are common obstacles in forests or large parks, and your dog will be happy to pass.

nothing is more natural for dogs than running and jumping to open up roads. These chains of elements that need to be tamed or bypassed not only greatly improve the coordination of animals, but also provide animals with opportunities to build trust. Don’t hesitate to overcome these obstacles and let him follow you. “

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