Intervened to retrieve a horse on the road, these police discovered more than 100 dogs in an illegal breeding

It was by the greatest of luck that Michigan police discovered and dismantled an illegal dog farm. Dozens of canines of various ages and breeds have been rescued and placed in a shelter, where they continue to be treated.

At the property in question, located in Maple Ridge in Delta County, there were 134 dogs : 65 adults , many of them pregnant or lactating , as well as 69 puppies . The animals belong to a wide variety of breeds: Golden Retriever , Labrador-Retriever , Poodle , German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd , Yorkshire Terrier , Boston Terrier , Chihuahua … Some of them suffered from malnutrition , others from various health problems. .

They were supported by the Delta County shelter team (Delta Animal Shelter), which launched an appeal for donations via his Facebook page the next day. The organization needs financial support to cover the expenses related to the care of these dogs. She provided vaccination , treatment against internal and external parasites, as well as grooming .

Their former owner should be sued , according to M Live .

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