A passer-by discovers an abandoned puppy in a cardboard box in the middle of the street, his reaction to him is moving

Abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of a road in Italy, a very poor dog was saved by an association. She suffered from multiple infected wounds and illnesses, which required extensive treatment and surgeries. She is slowly recovering from it.

In one of the streets of Palermo , Sicily , a cardboard box had been abandoned , but no one had noticed. No one but a passerby who eventually open and make a sad discovery: a suffering dog and had been neglected at all levels, reports Animal Channel.

The team at a local shelter has been informed. Volunteers quickly arrived on the scene to pick her up and take charge of her . He had to act very quickly , because his state of health was very worrying .

The bitch, who was named Peonia , had serious wounds that had become infected . His life was in danger . She hadn’t received care for a very long time, as evidenced by her very long claws and her extremely dirty and matted coat . In addition, she was wearing a diaper which exerted terrible pressure on her skin . It was also infested with parasites , including maggots .

The vets first got rid of these, then carefully trimmed her hair . When they examined his eyes , they understood that they could not be saved ; they had to be taken away from him . She was subsequently operated in this direction. They also found that Peonia suffered from chronic cystitis .

The bitch nevertheless seemed determined to make it through . She was feeding on her own , and that was a very good sign .

Peonia continues to follow her treatments and gain weight . She gradually adapts to the blindness and her health gradually improves. It was entrusted to Claudia Zurlini, a volunteer who regularly welcomes animals rescued on a temporary basis.

It will then be a question of finding an adoptive family for the bitch, whose story and rescue here is on video :

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