Vets save sick dog after swallowing more than three feet of Christmas wreath

In England, veterinarians had to operate on a dog to remove the meter of garland he had just swallowed. Without this intervention, the gluttony of the canine could have caused him serious health problems.

Covid requires, this year’s Christmas was decidedly different from the others . It was even more so for the Noakes , who had to take their dog to veterinary emergencies , as reported by the BBC .

Mitch , 15, son of the owner of the quadruped in question, had noticed the disappearance of a garland installed around the fireplace for the decoration of December 25. The family immediately thought of Dexter . The Great Dane crusader had swallowed all kinds of things in the past. His teachers were sure of this when he started to feel bad .

Paul Noakes , the father, took him to the PDSA veterinary clinic in Margate , in the county of Kent (south-east of England), without wasting time.

The x-ray confirmed her fears: the Christmas decorative element was indeed in her dog’s stomach. The vets operated on him on the spot and thus got rid of nearly a meter of garland in one piece. 91 cm, more precisely.

For Kate Milroy , chief veterinarian at PDSA , the fact that Dexter was brought to them quickly saved her life . If the foreign body had passed into the intestines , it would have resulted in serious complications for the animal.

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The intervention went perfectly and Dexter recovered quite well. Its owners will have to be more vigilant in order to prevent further incidents of this type.


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