Dog caught by police driving a cart

A dog was seen by police driving a children’s cart on the side of the road in Australia. Intrigued, they stopped and quickly understood what was going on. A dog forced to sit in this machine to walk …

In Australia , the surprise was great for two police officers . While on patrol, these officials encountered a somewhat unusual motorist. Especially since he was driving his car on the sidewalk, usually reserved for pedestrians .

But no fine for all that, against this dog who was in the driver’s seat in a children’s cart . Called Buddy , the canine had no control over his vehicle, since it was piloted remotely by his masters , located a few meters away.

Buddy had gone deaf and blind

Why did they put Buddy in this contraption? Quite simply to allow him to continue walking , as they confessed to the police, intrigued. Indeed, walks became impossible for this dog who became deaf and blind with age.

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The police have therefore allowed Buddy to take to the road in peace, with the assurance that no one comes to disturb his daily walk.

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