13 beautiful and touching photos of aging dogs

Time flies too quickly when you have a dog. The before / after photos taken by artist Amanda Jones illustrate this perfectly.

American photographer, Amanda Jones has been immortalizing dogs for 20 years by posing them in front of her lens. A way for her to combine her 2 passions.

In particular, she documents the aging of these animals by taking pictures of them several years apart. His work shows how our 4 legged friends grow quickly and reach the 3rd age when we have the impression that they have just come out of the puppy stage.

Amanda Jones ‘ photos also have the merit of highlighting the beauty of senior dogs and reminding us that the lives of our companions are too short. So you have to take care of them and give them as much love as possible.

Here are 13 of those pictures …

1. Abigail at 5 months, then at 8 years

2. Lily the female Dachshund, at 8 months then at 15 years

3. On the left, Maddy when she was 5 years old; on the right, at 10 years old

4. Sydney and Savannah the Beagles, respectively at 16 and 5 months, then at 10 and 9 years

5. Kayden and Brodie pictured first at 11 months and 5 years old, then at 7 and 12 years old

6. Briscoe the Griffon Bruxellois, at 1 year old, then at 10 years old

7. Poppy 6 years apart; she was only one year old in the photo on the left

8. Cooper the Dog of Saint Hubert at 3, then 10 years old

9. Corbet the Labrador Retriever at 2 years old, then 9 years later

10. Fred the Carlin, from 2 to 10 years old

11. Rufus at 6 months, then at 13 years old

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12. Audrey at 3, then the same bitch at 12

13. Above Maddie (7) and Ellie (6); below, the same bitches at 14 and 13


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