18 photos of dogs so expressive that they will put a smile on your face!

There is nothing better than our dog friends to put a smile on our face. Especially when they themselves sport a very large one, as can be seen in these photos.

If dogs are our favorite companions, it’s because they are bursting with life. These creatures have a great need to communicate with us and to interact. Not to mention that they are great players who would tell you that games are what they love the most in the world.

Here are 18 photos of playful and smiling dogs that will put you in a good mood.

1. This bitch is still under the effect of anesthesia after a successful operation at the vet

2. This French Bulldog puppy is happy to be at the beach

3. This adorable dog closes her eyes whenever she is happy

4. Here is the expression to which its owner was entitled while she was doing her brushing

5. This adorable Golden Retriever is the happiest of dogs

6. This dog was playing under the sofa when he got stuck. When his owner came to sit down he was more than happy to show himself to her in order to inform her of his situation.

7. She wanted to take a picture of her daughter on her 5th month, but the dog made a surprise appearance

8. After an extended absence of its owner due to an accident, this Pitbull is thrilled to finally see her again.

9. This adorable bitch can’t believe she can finally taste these cookies that she often sees in advertisements

10. This dog is obviously very happy with the new carpet

11. This Goldendoodle seems to enjoy the jokes his owner tells him.

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12. This Chihuahua looks like he’s plotting something

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13. This Pug is shocked to learn that his treats have all been eaten … by him

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14. This German Shepherd puppy is a ball of energy

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15. This Beagle can’t help but make hilarious expressions

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16. There is nothing more exciting in the world for this Rottweiler than playing with the garden hose.

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17. A Borzoi bitch with her best smile

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18. This dog’s happiness is contagious

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