Welcoming an adult dog

Every year in France, thousands of dogs are abandoned and have only one wish: to find a home. The idea of adopting an adult dog suffers from many misconceptions. However, this has many advantages and you will make a very nice gift for your new companion.

But be careful, do not take this choice lightly. Welcoming an adult dog will require a lot of patience, and therefore more time. But fear not, he will bring you as much love and companionship as a puppy you raised from birth.

Give your new dog some time to adapt

An older dog already has his habits and it can be difficult to change them. You will have to adapt to his temperament , like him to yours. Your new dog may have a rather cloudy history: if it has been abandoned or if it has been badly treated, it could have had consequences. So it will take a while for you to gain his trust.

To get the cohabitation off to a good start, here are some rules to follow:

  • install his basket in a serene place where he can rest without embarrassment,
  • do not cover it with kisses or caresses all the time. Let him take the first step, in which case he may mistake your approaches for aggression,
  • Avoid making eye contact with him until you know him. Fixing a dog’s gaze is a sign of challenge for him.
  • if you have other animals in your household, it is going to take time to familiarize it. If he has never been used to other animals, the business gets complicated and you will have to be very attentive and vigilant. Find out about his background.

The rules of education with an adult dog

To train an adult dog , you have to know how to combine softness and firmness. His well-established habits will have to change gradually and for that you will have to show that you are the only leader and show discipline.

However, eliminate all forms of violence in your education methods . Initially, it will be like a round of observation between you and your dog in order to understand each other.

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During the first months of cohabitation, you will have to be very available for him. A new environment and unfamiliar habitat can make him anxious. Your presence can be the first step to a budding complicity since you will be there to reassure him.

Finally, do not forget the basic rules of education. Offer him daily walks , even in your garden (if you have one) so that he can sniff and adapt to the smells of his new living space.

The benefits of a late relationship with an adult dog

The beginning of cohabitation with an adult dog will not be the most passionate moment. With a little patience , a lot of care and understanding , the situation should settle down pretty quickly.

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  • Adult dogs are generally calmer and less excessive than puppies. They have been educated to live in a household and are able to receive basic orders.
  • With dogs from an approved shelter, you will be guaranteed to have a dog sterilized , dewormed and vaccinated and who will have undergone a complete medical examination.
  • Generally speaking, a shelter knows the animal’s history and can help you choose the right dog for your lifestyle. He can also give you other information on his behavior with children or other animals, for example.
  • Shelters are not intended to get rid of animals. Serious breeders will not seek to get you to adopt a problematic or potentially unhappy animal because you are not a match for them.
  • By adopting in a shelter you will save 2 lives . That of the dog you adopt and that of the newcomer who will be able to take advantage of the space left free by your new companion.
  • Adopting a dog in a shelter represents a big saving . Instead of spending 1000 euros for a dog in a pet store or with a breeder, you will have more money to offer a better comfort of life to your new companion.
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