From wandering and road accident to the perfect family, the incredible fate of the dog Meatlof

Paradoxically, it was after being hit by a car that Meatlof’s fate turned to the right side. A former stray dog, he now has a family and a friend who helps him overcome his anxiety.

Sometimes a dramatic episode can become the starting point of a great story . This is precisely what happened to Meatlof the Pitbull , as The Dodo recounts. This dog had been abandoned and was roaming the streets of Florida when he was hit by a car . The driver immediately contacted the local animal services and the injured quadruped was taken care of by RAIN (Rescue Animals in Need), an association based in Fort Myers in this state in the southeast of the United States.

Upon examining him, vets and volunteers realized that the traffic accident was not the only painful ordeal he had been through. Suffering from scabies , skin and ear infections , malnutrition (he was missing a good 9 kilograms to reach what should have been his normal weight), as well as various lesions , he carried various traces on his body. which led the trainers to believe that it had been used, before its abandonment, as a target for the training of fighting dogs . Nonetheless, for all he had been through, Meatlof struggled to wag his tail and seemed to want to overcome his anxiety .

After receiving the treatment he needed, he was entrusted to a foster family , where he peacefully continued his convalescence. It was then felt that it was time to find her a definitive adoptive family . Applications from several people were considered, but none seemed to do the trick. Until Brittney Strugala comes in …

The latter was helping her best friend find a dog to adopt. Nonetheless, when she saw Meatlof’s photo, she felt the need to adopt it on her own. With her fiancé, she had been considering finding a friend for Sky , their female Pitbull, for some time, but they couldn’t do so because the owner of the apartment they lived in didn’t allow tenants to have more money. a pet .

Brittney Strugala and her fiancé finally made their decision : they were going to move to another apartment and adopt Meatlof. Indeed, the following month, the couple did move and, 5 days after settling in their new home, Meatlof joined his friend Sky and his new parents. His state of health has improved considerably, but it is also and especially on the psychological and emotional level that his progress has been most remarkable. Thanks to his fellow man, Brittney Strugala and her companion, his anxiety is almost a bad memory today.

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