20 photos of crisp dog cheeks

Dogs love to be petted, even on the cheeks. Their supple and drooping lips fully participate in making them adorable.

Everything is adorable about our dogs, including their cheeks. Often covered with a generous and loose skin, they sometimes make us want to hold them and knead them, even stretch them. This gives our 4-legged friends a totally unique aspect.

Here are 20 photos of dogs with irresistibly cute cheeks …

1. Her loving gaze eclipses her cheeks in the background

2. When it comes to skin, Shar-Peis are not the worst off

3. Almost looks like an extra pair of ears

4. This Golden Retriever also has very beautiful cheeks.

5. A big smile for this Labrador-Retriever who enjoys his massage session

6. The facelift session does not seem to displease him

7. Another Shar-Pei with generous cheeks

8. Another big and pretty canine smile

9. He loves having his cheeks massaged

10. He is handsome as everything and he knows it very well

11. This dog has the incredible power to transform into a cobra.

12. The vet inspects every square inch of her skin

13. Something to appreciate her beautiful black and tan dress from another angle

14. The lips of a Saint Hubert Dog are always impressive

15. Those of a French Bulldog can be just as much

16. This Great Dane likes to be photographed

17. This Staffordshire Bull Terrier is also demonstrating the suppleness of his skin

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18. Dorothy is totally relaxed

19. A nice smile for the photo

20. There, it is not the cheeks, but the ears, which is no less adorable


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