Puppy found terrified, critically ill and injured, relearns to trust humans

Lucy had a traumatic experience from an early age. The little dog was found in a construction site in Bali, with a fishing line tied around her muzzle. Sick and frightened by the men, her rescuers did everything to help her.

Mission Pawsible volunteers were shocked at the condition of the black-coated puppy. The fishing line around his delicate muzzle cut him deeply.

Members of the association speculated that Lucy was destined for the meat trade.

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The person who discovered her immediately took her to the vet. The latter withdrew the line, but the animal was not out of the woods so far. The caregiver diagnosed him with a serious illness, parvovirus, caused by a very resistant virus. The vet gave him a 50% chance of surviving, reports Bored Panda .

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The puppy got sick again

Finally, after 2 weeks of treatment, Lucy began to recover. She was able to be transferred to a foster family. Unfortunately, she still had not arrived at the end of her sentences.

Lack of appetite, fever, respiratory problems, the young dog tested positive for distemper. Her immune system was ravaged by the parvovirus and she lost a lot of weight.

Thanks to the support of her benefactors, Lucy fought and recovered from this new ordeal. And its story is far from over.

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Lucy fought to the end to stay alive

When rescued, Lucy remained silent and was very shy. She did not dare to place her trust in humans.

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The founder of Mission Pawsible took her under her wing following her recovery, to help her overcome her shyness. Over the weeks, the survivor emerged from her shell and overcame her trauma. She has transformed into a happy and playful bitch. Today, she loves to have fun with her fellows. She also became cuddly, something unthinkable at the start of her rescue.

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For the moment, it is looked after and pampered by the volunteers of the foundation. After going through a long difficult road strewn with pitfalls, Lucy has managed to trust the men. Patience and love saved her.


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