For her 3 dogs, this mistress creates a dream house in her garden

In California, a woman had the idea of making a house entirely at the back of her garden, so that her 3 dogs could take over the place. A few weeks of work were necessary. From now on, his 3 doggies can fully enjoy a luxurious life in places that are theirs.

There, at the end of Victoria Palmer’s garden, an old shed . This Californian woman decided to take it all off. To raze this abandoned construction. Victoria had a lot of ideas. The owner of 3 dogs ( Bruiser the Chihuahua, Marvin the Shepherd and The Fuzz the German Spitz) had decided to rebuild something on the concrete slab, once all the debris had been removed.

So Victoria was able to make this Barkingham Palace , as she called it. She was able to count on her father’s help, never against a little helping hand for projects of this magnitude. “ We like to renovate together and add a few little features to the house when it comes, ” she explains.

The 3 dogs who own a house

The construction started at two. Then she continued her solo efforts, every evening until sunset. She learned on the job to create a frame , to cover the ground , to make moldings . Over time, Victoria acquired many skills. All with a view to satisfying their animals.

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She added little touches to this makeshift home for her protégés, such as a staircase and planters . Today, his 3 dogs are the happiest in the world. They are surely the only homeowners in California. They invested it and would not abandon it for the world. Victoria has won her bet . That of making the life of his doggies even more fulfilling!


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