Rewarded for her bravery, this blind lab bitch gives birth right after her rescue!

Until the age of 10, Maria only knew about life in a cage in a Chinese laboratory. The Bitch’s Nightmare ended thanks to local volunteers and an American organization. A rescue intervened just in time, because she was expecting little ones …

Maria , a bitch of Beagle breed, was detained in a laboratory located in Chegdu , in central China. It was used not only for experiments , but also to breed puppies which would, in turn, be used for testing.

Shannon Keith , founder and president of the California organization Rescue + Freedom Project , is indeed convinced that Maria was being used as a breeder . In addition to being old , the bitch is blind , most likely due to the experiments she has undergone, reports The Dodo .

Several dogs rescued from this lab along with Maria lost some or all of the use of their eyes, mostly after contracting glaucoma . Their eyes must have been taken away from them , they hurt so much .

The lab no longer needed these animals. Local volunteers took care of them, then contacted Rescue + Freedom Project , which arranged for their flight to the United States. However, it turned out that Maria was pregnant and therefore could not travel. She remained in China and was given to a foster family , the time to give birth , then to wean her puppies . 7 were born , but one of them died shortly after birth.

Despite the blindness, her advanced age and everything she had suffered, the dog took excellent care of her young .

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2 of them were adopted in China. The other 4, Klyde , Oliver , Bessie and Lilly , accompanied their mother to Los Angeles , awaiting adoption .


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