19 animals that don’t realize their comedic power

Cats and dogs don’t realize how funny they can be. These photos show them in totally hilarious postures.

Our pets don’t care about looking chic . That’s why most of the time they’re just funny. While sleeping or running in the water, they display expressions that make us giggle.

Here are 19 photos of cats and dogs not paying attention to their looks .

1. Yoga is said to be a very popular discipline in the cat world

2. A cat who is hungry while having sleep fell asleep on top of his bowl filled with kibble.

3. A posture somewhat reminiscent of that of humans

4. This is called being slumped on the couch, snoring and snoring.

5. The excitement of this Husky when he goes out to sea is confusing

6. While this cat’s front paws are folded, the other 2 are stretching

7. The limbs of this dog would need to be put back in place.

8. This Welsh Terrier looks chubby after his grooming session

9. A dog visibly delighted to run in the grass

10. He decides to couple each front paw with a hind paw in order to break the stereotypes.

11. These 2 Pugs think they are gangsters as soon as they go out for a ride in the car.

12. He sticks his muzzle everywhere

13. This Bulldog is a funny subway passenger

14. He hides himself from the outside world by going to the window and covering his own eyes with the curtain.

15. A totally relaxed Pyrenean Mountain Dog

16. Here he is rather bursting with energy

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17. A Hungarian Pointer and Whippet cross who makes a funny face

18. The cuddly attitude of this dog is not very well understood by the cat

19. A surprisingly compact Pug


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