An association travels nearly 2,500 kilometers by plane to try to rescue 14 dogs abandoned after Hurricane Laura!

A Pennsylvanian association organized the air transport of 14 dogs who survived a hurricane, but the affected families could no longer keep after losing their homes.

In Louisiana, many families lost almost everything after Hurricane Laura , starting with their homes . Some of them had to separate from their pets because they no longer had a place to house them. The latter were taken care of by shelters . This is the case for the 14 dogs that were rescued by the PAART team, based in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania.

The Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team organization has, in fact, orchestrated the evacuation by plane of these canines to their new destination, where they should soon join their new respective families, as reported by Distractify .

For his part, Brad Childs , who is also part of the organization, gives his word to the private victims of their companions that he and his comrades will take care of these dogs as if they were theirs. “ Our team is alongside the people impacted by this devastation, ” he added.

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This is the 49th of its kind for PAART this year. Since its creation in 2013, this organization has rescued more than 12,000 animals ; dogs, but also cats , guinea pigs , turtles and even chickens .


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