The courage of an elderly Golden Retriever standing up to a brown bear immortalized by a surveillance camera

ViralHog / Youtube

Some dogs are not afraid of anything! Pretty, a female Golden Retriever, faced a wild animal much more powerful and imposing than her, on August 15 in Alaska.”

Regardless of their size and age, many dogs are capable of heroic acts. This was the case with Pretty. Although 11 years old, the female Golden Retriever chased away an impressive intruder, people reports.

The events took place in Sitka, a small town of 9,000 inhabitants located on Baranof Island in southeastern Alaska. Around 11:30 p.m., a brown bear came forward on Nicholas Galanin’s property. We have a lot of bears, even though I’ve never seen them engage so closely,” he said.


Our dogs, these heroes

A surveillance camera, located outside the home, filmed the meeting between the 2 animals. The brave Pretty was obviously not happy that a stranger was walking in her garden!”

The canid did not take his eyes off the ursid for a single moment and tried to dissuade him from moving forward by barking. In the clip published on Youtube by ViralHog, we can notice that the brown bear still tries an approach. They looked at each other for a moment, their muzzles close to each other, before Pretty showed her fangs.”

Mission accomplished! The managed to push him away. His power of persuasion made the wild animal understand that he was not welcome in these places. After this face-to-face that lasted barely a minute, the bear left hanging.” According to the Alaska Department of Fisheries and Game, about 1,550 brown bears roam the forests of Baranof and nearby islands.”

This is not the first time a dog has hunted such a creature. On June 8, in northeastern Minnesota (United States), a Yorkshire Terrier wowed its owner by running after a young bear. The little canid, who did not get cold in the eyes, did not let go of the visitor from a sole until he left.”

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